What motivates you?

Finding what really motivates you in life is an important and sometimes daunting task.

See finding what really motivates you can be, on its own, a journey of self-discovery. People will say their motivations are to get that Lamborghini Countach they have wanted since they saw one on a TV show when they were 15. Or to get that dream house with far too many bathrooms per resident.

But real motivation comes from the heart.

If you want that motivation to last any length of time that is. You have to really dig deep and find what sets your soul on fire, what gives you that edge, what gives you that kick up the arse on the days where you just want to decay in the corner of your room and speak to no-one.

Once you have found this burning desire of motivation that fuels your every waking moment, you will be unstoppable. Nothing will stand in the way.

This is why it is imperative that you find it if you want to be successful.

My sole motivation is my family.

And even more specifically, my son. See once my son was born I was no longer just responsible for myself, I was responsible for him. Every action I now take determines the quality of life that he will grow up into. Every decision I now make has an effect on his wellbeing. If that isn’t motivation enough then I don’t know what is.

I want to show him that he can achieve anything as long as he puts his mind to it, I don’t want him to be scared to be different, or to hold himself back because of what people might think. I want him to be truly happy and content in his life, whatever he chooses to do.

So what motivates you?

Everyone is different. What motivates someone else may not motivate you. And no-one else can tell you what will motivate you, you have to figure this one out on your own.

Sometimes it will come to you in a flash, an ‘a-ha’ moment. Other-times it will come to you at a steady pace, slowly creeping its way into your mind until you realise that it is your true motivation. Whenever and however it comes to you, you need to take note of it, write it down, and never lose sight of it. You will return to it when you feel you have nothing left, no drive. It will remind you of why you started, why you are doing this.

So I urge you now, go and sit down. Close your eyes. Really think deep about what you love and what makes you get out of bed in the morning. What really gives you that drive to push through when all hope is lost.

And once you have found it, keep it close.

James Murphy.


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